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Cinco de Mayo with Deivito and Kagero

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As with most cultural holidays punctuated by drinking, I like to assume the culture in question and have a few of their native beverages. So, you’ll undertstand when I say on Cinco de Mayo, I navigated through a haze of tequila to see Deivito and Kagero at Lucky 7 tavern. For the record Anejo style tequila margaritas are really the only way to go. I got in a bit early to touch base with James Dower, the fellow who is in charge of the booking there. I wanted to know how bands might be able to get in touch with him to play. If you contact James at that’s the very best way to get in touch with him. Also there will be a Myspace page up very soon too.

Robbie of Tip Canary starts the night off with a few songs. A couple of folk style tunes get the crowd rosined up. After a little bit of Mexican cuisine (quesadillas and tortilla chips with nacho cheese) and several beverages. Deivito got his groove on. His style is a really energetic mash of traditional latino folk and punk rock. He’s got a serious stage presence too! He goes between being reverant and popping off a joke or two inbetween songs. As his set moves on he adds more members to his “solo” act. Wes and Robbie from Tip Canary and Matt of the Mcmickle Bros. make appearances. He played one of my favs Salsa y Ketchup. At the end of the set everyone’s stomping and clapping and I’m left wondering how he can really say he’s a solo act at all, the whole damn bar is singing along and hooting and hollering!

To be totally honest there was a band inbetween Deivito and Kagero called Rainbow Fresh. I got to hear a few songs from them and the crowd had been sufficiently warmed up so everyone was enjoying them, but I ran back to my pad to grab something and I regret to say I missed most of their set. When I got back to the bar they were just finishing up.

Kagero finished the night in style! Bringing their patented brand of Japanese Gypsy Punk to a very receptive crowd, this time the whole trio was at large. Rob Simpson on bass Kaz on Harmonica vox and guitar, and JW on Violin. Dancing ensued. In fact between, Deivis and I there was no choice but to feel the holiday spirit. They busted into My Daddy was a Thief and the whole bar proved it on thick. These cats always show up to entertain. If it’s the first time you’ve seen them or the fifteenth they always leave you wanting more.

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May 15, 2009 at 12:18 am

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