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Star Trek, and PJ Bond…. whats not to love!

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Friday Afternoon I called up my good friend Steve Guzman to go see the Star Trek Movie. We made it out for the 4:15 show. Which admittedly is a little late for a show at the Newport mall. School is out. Teenagers hooligans and all types of unsavory characters (including the two of us) are at large. Still the theatre was pretty empty and we made it to a decent spot and buckled down to geek out! Of course we had to deal with the common problems of this theatre, constant talking, cell phone calls and the like. We even moved once just to get away from all the chatter. Still the movie was great, I suggest you see it, as a non trekkie, I really dug it.

Afterwords we went to White Star grabbed a little food and a few (or more) drinks. I made my exit knowing that I wanted to make it out to IMAC to see PJ Bond (former member of Outsmarting Simon). I got home, showered to get the stank off, and headed back out for the venue.

Ladyfingers was about halfways thru his set. Ladyfingers is Adam Weiner, playing Guitar singing and rocking the stompbox. This guy is a solo act playing three parts. I have trouble peeing and standing up somedays, this dude has a gift! A combination of quick witted lyrics, old fashioned shoe stomping, and concrete rock/folk guitar really piqued my interest. That and when he asked a couple in the audience if they were married, they replied no, and then he paused and apologized for any awkwardness he might have caused in the sort of way you knew was half meant. He just put out a vinyl release and his music is available for download at for any price you choose! That’s right you can pay $.01 or you can pay $1,000,000. Don’t be a cheap ass pay a few bucks at least!

Celebrator began just a little while after. Celebrator is the Brainchild of Jason Primavera and Tim Sullivan. These guys totally elude me as far as classification. Ambient Rock?
Background trance? I HAVE NO IDEA I’ve never heard anything like it. It was like a social experiment in rock. I’ll have to check these guys out again, it was their first time together. I look forward to seeing what becomes of it all.

Afterwards I’d say PJ Bond hit the stage. But instead of getting on stage he decided to take a spot down with the crowd. And get a little closer to his friends and fans. I gotta say it takes balls to come don to the level of the masses. Thankfully the venue and the movie theatre had two distinct differences. The first being that the people there were actually interested in what they were their for, the second was that everyone kept quiet and listened. Since he was the final band and I had time left on my camcorder, I decided I’d record the entire set! I love the fact that he came down into the crowd to play. I was able to get around him for some pretty interesting shots. The crowd tosses him suggestions and he played some Outsmarting Simon stuff as well. It was a cool and intimate moment with a local artist!

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May 15, 2009 at 12:51 am

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