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Confessions of my Undying Love

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Dear Madam,

I’m Drowning. It’s been about a year since we became acquainted. Truth be told I doubt either one of us thought this would ever go this far. We were introduced by mutual friends and I’ll admit I’m not much for first impressions. And to be honest some folks I know called you a jaded harlot bitch queen. So our ensuing courtship was delayed a bit. After time I came to realize they were jealous ex-lovers and pathetic admirers you had spurned. So one night I conspired with you to meet. We exchanged numbers and met that subsequent Tuesday.

Of course as with most girls ….um women your age I figured I’d likely deal with the bland conversation of your ex-boyfriend’s crimes against you, and that you’d leave me alone for far too long to check your make-up in the bathroom. Imagine My utter elation when you indulged me with your stories of travel and new bold fashion tastes. We chatted about science and philosophy and even comics! Before too long and after several drinks we were both pretty drunk and it was last call. I’d like to tell a fairytale to our grandkids one day about how we kissed good night and went our separate ways only to meet later that week. We both know that wasn’t the case. You certainly had other designs, altogether. You whispered to me, “Please take me back to your place.” Of course I complied.

We whirlwinded into my place I threw on my itunes, and you ravaged me entirely. It was sexy! It was dirty! It was raw! And I fell for it hook line and sinker. I had to see you again! You obviously had other plans. I woke alone the next morning. I could still taste your lip gloss in my mouth. There was a note on the bed.

“Good times, Maybe I’ll see you soon, Cutie!”
Hearts and Power Chords,
the Local Music Scene

Yes I called the day after. Damn the social bindings that state otherwise! I know a good thing when I see it. But you didn’t answer. In retrospect I guess I’m happy you didn’t call the cops when I started texting you daily. I even (I admit it) stalked you on facebook and myspace. But to my credit you were leaving comments on my page and you did accept my friend request. YOU EVEN TAGGED YOURSELF IN PICTURES I TOOK OF YOU OUT ON THE SCENE!

Social Awkwardness kept me from saying hi in person. It was like you were always with some other guy. “Turns out the Jackals were right!” I thought, “Harlot, Skank, Floosey!” But my heart knew otherwise. Months went by I grew cold, several relationships crashed and burned. When I saw you out you asked how things had been and how I was doing. “Like you give a shit!” I replied. And we’d argue about how much of an asshole I’d been the past few months. I couldn’t do much more than agree with you and walk away. I was drinking a lot, my ambitions were lack luster and my love life was pretty hit and run. I guess I was missing the message, in that haze.

One day I’d had just about enough. I spent the weekend locked up and just figured out where I was headed. The only thing I’ve ever been really good at is taking pictures. I had some old photos of you when we hung out in New Brunswick circa 2002. I called you up, and you dug the idea. So I started taking pictures of you. You liked them! I was happy, you where happy, I even started writing about your adventures. People liked you! They wanted to know about you. So I asked questions and you answered. I did some video of you being you. People liked that too. We’ve been doing this thing where we hang out almost every weekend and a few times during the week for like six months now. I know you like me. I can see it in the pictures. I’ll just be blunt. I’m drowning here! will you go steady with me or at least consider me on a reoccurring one night stand basis!?

Guns and Roses,
Zac Clark, Rocker Tycoon

Written by rockertycoon

June 14, 2009 at 8:39 pm

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