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This is a call Attn: Bands!

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Bands friends of Bands, People who know about good local bands. Gimme a hand.

I’m looking for Contact Info for several Bands. Here’s a list of many of them. But if you know anyone else, I’d like to get their info too. I’m preparing to get some stuff going in JC and I’d like to organize my info.

Send the Information to


Black Water
Tip Canary
Cross Town Country All-Stars
The Press
Roadside Graves
No Pasaran
The Natch
Eastern Anchors
Bern and The Brights
Frozen Gentlemen
Cryptkeeper Five
One and Nines
The Courtesy Tier
Ben Franklin
Victor Bravo
Rainbow Fresh
Kiwi The Child
PT Walkely
Roadside Graves
Jamie Rae
Honah Lee
Division of Planes
UNa Pong
Thomas Francis
The Invisible Lines
Drunken Sufis
Mister Badger
The Great Nostalgic
PJ Bond
Nail Connelly
Last Days of Empire
The Amboys
WJ and The Sweet Sacrifice
Coffin Daggers
Black Hollies
Frankie and his Fingers
Subway Surfers
Prison Pretty 
Binky Bianca
Jon and the .44
Crooked Looks
Super Consumers

If you’re in a band that I didn’t include on this list don’t be mad just get at me.

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September 13, 2010 at 3:43 pm

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  1. Hello

    Definitely gonna recommend this post to a few friends

    Jamie Iomo

    December 8, 2010 at 9:03 am

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