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Through Sound & Time: 2004

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New Years Day started in a weird manner. I woke up in that state of clarity that exists between drunk and hungover. During this time I had made a pact with my first “girlfriend” to come up to Jersey City and meet me for the day and see what I’m upto. Melissa Ritler, met me later on that day. We took a sojourn to Old Man Rafferty’s and had lunch. New year’s day is sort of a bad day for service industry workers I wanted to go in and see my co-workers and join them in solidarity.

After Lunch I have no idea how we passed the time until we made it to the bar. there’s not much more story to tell here aside from drinks with friends, smiles and a bar fight. That’s right at the bar closed there was a bar fight. I wasn’t involved but some alpha male gene inside of me bade me to enter the fray. The offending party was rendered helpless at I put him into a full nelson in a feet of dexterity and brashness that I had never quite known. I was removed from the fight mere seconds later as the barkeep broke it up and told me thank you but not to put my meager frame in danger again. It was a fun night.

So I started reading The Invisibles that year. I highly recommend. Nothing twists the mind like Grant Morrisson. But the really great thing about this book is that it turned me on to the Kinks. At the start of one of the trades, the leader of the team is running through a forest singing “Fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa” Later that day I downloaded David Watts. The Kinks quickly became a new fascination. I started listening to them a lot.

After the prior year’s debacle with school I took another year off, but decided to really learn a technique for photo, I spent a while relearning my craft. Reading studio photography books and looking at fashion magazines (I had a subscription to Details and GQ). The only way i can even begin to equate relearning a style of photography is to tell you to stop writing a particular way. By that I mean handwriting. Then relearn to write your ABCs. Do it with some form of class. (In 2001, after my arm healed, I actually did just that. I was sick of my handwriting looking like a bunch of squiggly lines. i learned to letter in a comic book style.) Needless to say it’s a form of zen discipline all in itself.

Emo music took off that year. Bands like Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, and Funeral for a friend put out new albums. Overall it was a good year for music not generally heard on the radio. I remember being at Olde Queens tavern and hearing a Decade under the Influence. I was simultaneously happy and disappointed that underground music had permeated the collective unconscious. I used to tell kids in my high school to mark my words punk rock would come back, like I was some kind of false prophet. When it finally took over I was too old, too opinionated and already moving on with my tastes. Yes, Rush and The Rolling Stones had took my interest. I would cringe when i mentioned classic rock and some blasphemer would bring up Springsteen, or try to talk to me about Grateful Dead.

There wasn’t much to 2004, I worked a lot, I drank a lot and I saved up to get my driver’s license back after the accident 2 years earlier. I did start to keep a journal that I filled with 100 word stories (That journal was lost in a flood), But it kept me writing and helped me learn to think in terms of story telling. there’s not much else I remember from this year, I’d consider it a dark age for a 24 year old Zac Clark

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December 22, 2010 at 12:01 pm

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