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So they say you only turn 31 once.  Actually no one says that 31 is sort of a bullshit year.  You’re passed 30 and striding toward 35, hoping the time goes really slow from here to there.  If it wasn’t for these boyish good looks and a sense of humor about the whole thing I’d probably be really upset.  That said I’m doing good.  In fact I’d venture (seven) to say, I’m doing mighty fine.  This saturday Ghost TRain PR threw me a birthday party at Lucky 7 tavern, in Jersey City.

First up, a band Eric Fusco of Subway Surfer’s Fame turned me onto Frankie & The Bugs.  Old School Punk with a Jersey twist.  Greazy Tony fronts on vox and guitar, Butter rolls the bass and does backing vox, Kevin rips it up on the drums.  These cats made it out last minute just for a quick set.  I was thoroughly impressed and delighted.  Can’t wait to get them out again.

Next up, BOX SET in their live debut! Jen Schwartz (vox/guitar), Billy Gray (bass), Gonul Aksoy (Keys/backing vox) and Reuben Villagomez (drums) are an All-Girl punk Cover band.  I know what you’re thinking there are two guys in the band… Don’t worry they had dresses.  Think of them as the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes of the Local scene, sort of a best of from local bands.  Guys are welcome, but you better have nice legs, Front(wo)man Jen Schwartz is serious about her level of camp.  “Guys can play too but they have to wear a dress.”

Blackout Stereo have become steady regulars in the Jersey City scene.  These Central Jersey Rock-a-Billians.  Took stage and rock out the bar.  Jesse (Vocals/Guitar) Shaun (Bass/Vocals) Chris (Guitar) Matt (Guitar) Mark (Drums) are bringing a fresh face to an old standard in rock’n roll.  If Johnny Cash, Hank Williams III and Brian Setzer started a band together Blackout Stereo would open up for them on their tour.

Up last, Marvin Berry & The New Sound.  If you saw me about 5 minutes before they went on.  You could tell I was stressing out.  I wanted every band to get a good amount of time for their set, but in our revelry time flew and we were running short.   With only 20mins to go MB&tNS set up and busted out six songs.  The bar exploded, backflips moshpits and sing-a-longs, Pat Byrne later called me to say “It was the most fun I’ve ever had at Lucky 7’s!”  Joe Porter (vocals) Jon Davies (guitar / vocals) Nick Andreoli (drums) Danny Z  (bass /vocals), Charles Van Dyck (guitar).  Porter was running up and down the bar making sure everyone had their time on the mic.  These cats have so much energy!  I expect some very big things from them and soon!

And there you have it.  Just like that your birthday party is over and you’re on to the next show.  To quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  While you’re looking around though, why don’t you listen too.  There are some vids below.

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May 24, 2011 at 3:18 pm

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