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Eula & Life Size Maps at Lucky 7 Tavern

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Tuesday May 24th.

Still slightly hungover, in mind and spirit if not in liver, from Saturday’s event.  I made my way out to Lucky 7 Tavern for EULA and Life Size Maps.  Another lovely Event hosted by Ghost Train PR.

Eula is a rocking three piece female fronted punk-art indie band.  Alyse Lamb (vocals/guitar) Jeff Maleri (bass) and Nate Rose (drums) came all the way down from Connecticut for the show.  Alyse’s spritely voice backed with Jeff’s rhythm and Nate’s masterful work on the drums are like a good chili.  All the elements are there.  The perfect amount of kick, spicy but just for taste and you can dance to it… ok so you can’t really dance to chili, but gimme a break.  These guys rock out!

Mike McKeever (vox/gtr/samples), Rob Karpay (cello/vox), Will Ewing (drums) are Brooklyn based rock trio Life Size Maps.  These fellas have ditched the traditional guitar bass and drums archetype to create something wholly unique.  Labeling these fellas would be a real crime, you can here influences spanning the roots of rock and much farther back.  The are prone to what I would call “rage moments” during songs that would otherwise be calm.  The music is simultaneously beautifully vast, and still somehow longingly familiar.  They certainly captivated the crowd at Luckys.

After the show I settled down with friend and local comedian Craig Mahoney for a few pints and a bit of a bar crawl.  I was last seen with some kind of batgirl look like.  Life is weird like that sometimes.

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May 25, 2011 at 5:01 pm

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