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Jersey City: A Call to Action

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Jersey City voters.  Let’s chat for a second.

Prodigal son, Zac Clark here, You may know me as the Rocker Tycoon or maybe you know me as the guy that runs those rock shows you like to go to on the weekends, hell maybe you don’t know me and someone was smart enough to pass this on.  Either way, lemme start by saying Jersey City is a wonderful place to live and work.  There are so many great things about the place that going into detail right now would be down right time consumming.  I’m sure many if not all of you agree.

Let’s talk about a really dark cloud that hung over our fair city about 2 years ago.  If you’re new to town you may not be privy to what happened.  A synopsis ? Sure!  Basically a bunch of politicians (People that are supposed to be looking out for us) took some brides so that big developers could come into town and do things like ruin our view of New York, raise the cost of living and generally just cut corners so they could build the city in their image.  NOT COOL, right?

Let’s talk about the Chain of Lies that followed.  DENIAL AIN’T JUST A RIVER IN EGYPT PEOPLE!  I was there at the Council Caucus, when Steven Fulop called for Mariano Vega to Step down and do the right thing and serve his time.  Vega ignored the call to action.  I did a piece in the The Jersey City Independent about my experience that day.    (Give it a look)

Where was the sanity?  Surely not in that room when every other council member decided they’d rather be a friend, than stand up and be a defender of the public trust.  I sat there with Andrew Hubsch and Daniel Levin, who invited me to come out to get this story to the people.  We all expressed our disappointment.

Let’s JUMP forward one year and one month after Vega had told everyone he was innocent.  The guy waits til a day after the special election can be held so that one of my favorite words in politics could be played out.  HEYO you guessed it NEPOTISM!  Vega got in the final dirty jab by waiting just long enough to claim his guilt so that you and I would be denied our right to choose a representative.  And instead have the political machine that is Mayor Healy camp choose one for us.  Thats some shady shit, right.  I mean the man is guilty and he’s still getting in the last blow.  SCUMBAG JERSEY POLITICS!

No more of that.  Today you have a decision to make.  One that will fill that seat with a strong community leader, one that will help turn the tide of conformity that Fulop has had to stand against alone for so long.  There is a people’s choice on that Ballot.  His name is DAN LEVIN.  Dan Levin cares about Jersey City.  He’s been to several rock events I’ve thrown.  He’s heard my woes as a promoter in a town that has no venue and a huge rock scene.  He’s a father, so you can bet that he’s pro education.  Let’s give Jersey City back to it’s people and remove the power from the big money developers and the laissez faire politicians who have and will continue to become too comfortable in their places of power.

If you understand nothing else from this rant: DAN LEVIN FOR COUNCIL vote today!

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November 8, 2011 at 1:17 pm

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