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Getting Naked with Tip Canary and the McMickle Bros.

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Judging from the fact that my key demographic is heterosexual males age 18-35, that probably doesn’t sound too appetizing. No, I’m not trying a new tactic to get more girls to read my blog. By Naked I meant Naked Music Series at Life Cafe on the corner of 10th street and Avenue B in NYC. The idea is quite genius in its simplicity. Bands play unmic’d without amps in a friendly atmosphere. Dana McCoy is responsible for the event.

So, tonight I came out specifically for Tip Canary! Another band of the Montclair crew. I hadn’t seen them play since right before I started up Rocker Tycoon. It was due time to check them out! But first the McMickle Bros. were up. In the spirit of the naked concept they had decided to play as the McNipple Bros. That got a chuckle out of the crowd. And so I decided to ante up to the idea of shooting Naked. In that interest, I went with B/w no flash and my 50mm 1.8, like the way I had to shoot back in school. I never went to school for video, so I just went ahead with filming in B/w too.

After the McMickles‘ performance, which was wrought with comedy and crowd participation, there was a special treat. Caitlin Cannon and Neville Elder played a few songs. It seems it was Caitlin’s first live gig! I took a few shots (pictures not drinks, Jesus man, its a Monday godsakes!) And a video of her very first live performance! Caitlin has a pretty unique voice! She played a really cool song that I sadly didn’t get a recording of after that, she found in a book of women’s liberation songs. It was pretty different, I gotta be Honest I dug but wasn’t sure if I should have laughed or politely nodded and winked. That said, she did an excellent job for her first time up… scratch that! She did a great job all around!

Then Tip Canary sauntered to the forefront. Tip Canary is Robbie (guitar Vocals)and Wes (Guitar vocals). I can’t rightly remember what they played first….. Oh wait sure I can. It was Part one of the Doobie Blues! Robbie takes the audience on a mythical journey of how he wound up in Mexico. This song has all the common themes in the life of a stoner; hassled by the law, bummed about politics, and even a good old police chase scene. Wes fills in behind with guitar for mood. Then they headed into Broke A$$ Game.

Let me stop here for a second, and give you a frame of reference, Donnie! The guys are wordsmiths, cynical, self depreciating and autobiographical, to the point that some of their songs are almost direct passages from my own life. Rob’s asides and Wes’s greek chorus style, make them a veritable combination of Laurel and Hardy meets MC Paul Barman. It’s witty and it entertains! Most importantly it’s not over your head, there’s nothing pretentious about their whole get up.

Broke A$$ Game is a tale of misplaced passion and girls who don’t have cell phones….or claim to not have cell phones, at the very least. So after a few songs They called up Sam McMickle and they Jammed out to Apple City. Hell! I even got in to the act with spoons! You might be able to hear me on the video. Now, I have to say this: The Rocker Tycoon would never condone the use of drugs, in fact in the whole Sex drugs and rock N roll scheme of things (and it is a scheme kids don’t be fooled) I get a hell of a lot more Rock ‘N Roll than sex and since I don’t even do drugs, that’s right out of the water, BUT (and I stress the but here) songs about drugs and sex are what makes the world go round. They are many times sad, many times tragic even, but when they make me laugh, they’re god-damned awesome! This write-up was long long overdue! I included for you a number of the videos from the show. I invite you to listen and enjoy the hell out of them, with or with out refreshment …liquid or otherwise!

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April 9, 2009 at 9:05 pm