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Tuesday Night with Kagero at Lucky 7 Tavern

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It’s been a long time coming. I’ve seen Brooklyn’s Premier Japanese Gypsy rock band something like 6 times. My first bad shoot in a bout four years was of these fellas back in late Dec. I was trying to figure out a project for myself. That was a few weeks before my first post. But in the last few months I haven’t been able to get out to their shows. So a staple part of the Jersey City band social scene has been missing. Well no longer! It was a beautiful Tuesday night, if not a little muggy as I left home for Lucky 7 Tavern.

The McMickle Bros. started off the show. This was a last minute gug for these boys. This performance included a special treat. John Clifton (keys) was playing with them. One of many great things about the Mcmickle Bros. is they are part of a tightly knit crew that hails from Montclair. Virtually everytime one of these bands plays (Mcmickle Bros., Tip Canary, Bern and the Brights, Deivito! even The Crosstown County All-stars) there’s a great showing of the other bands. It’s refreshing to see that kind of support locally. Robbie from Tip Canary and Deivis of Deivito fame where on hand for the set as well as plenty of fresh faces from the Montclair area!

The McMickle Bros. have appeared in my work several times, if you don’t know about them check out my post on them and on the One and Nines. I’m gonna tell you about how John’s slick work on the keys really added a synergy to songs I now know by heart. Filling in areas that I never would have thought needed any help with some piano sounded interminably entertaining and well thought out. There was some dancing and foot stomping and plenty of singing along for everyone!

Kagero is one of the wildest and most innovative bands I’ve seen and heard locally or otherwise. They blend crafty violin solos with rocking harmonica driven bridges solid backing bass, and break out guitar verses. The bands Front man Kaz, certainly pulls the gypsy look off well. From the scarves, and fedoras right down to the small details, like his steampunk goggles! JW the bands Violinist also pulls out that anachronistic feel generally wearing a suit and keeping it classy. Rob (who was out for the night) is a touch more lax in his garb. Jeans and a rock T shirt will always do the trick no matter what kind of music you play. Last time I saw them Rob was rocking a Heart tee.

All of this is well and good but it doesn’t tell you whats inherently important about this band. What do they sound like? Well it’s like a slow motion riot that builds up over time. Sometimes they start out slow other times they jump right into the rock! They go from folky and shift gears right into dance rock, and then jump train for a little rock ballad. Few songs implement this as well as “Red and Black” it starts off with a little harmonica and Kaz let’s you know about his colour fetish. Then the chorus demands a tango beat the brigde duels the harmonica and Violin, and slows back down for the 2nd verse. It’s fun and it’s something you don’t hear everyday. The crowd was in a full on dance mode by the time they got finished. And we weren’t letting them go anywhere without an encore!

Just as Kagero finished their set. It started to rain. They had apparently pleased Old Kuraokami. They had pleased me at the very least. After the show I sat down and had a few drinks with the gang. Matt Sam Robbie Deivis and several hangers on took a walk after the rain died down and we crawled around to a few other bars. Like the busted tilt-o-whirl we represented, eventually all this fun had to shut-down. There’s no denying that for a Tuesday night it was one crazy time!

Written by rockertycoon

April 27, 2009 at 4:22 pm